X-Ray Film Viewer
 X-Ray LED Viewer  

Characteristics of the Professional Medical Film Veiwer :

1..Adopt LED light source whose life is 100,000 hours ,is more than 20 times of CCFL viewer.
2.Take us of Mitsubishi viewing screen which make the light more bright and soft ,the screen can be used for long time and not turn yellow and deform.
3.Without the effect of temperature difference as CCFL ,the viewer can be lighted as soon turn on.
4.Light source .layout in equal spaced points ,which is more uniform and the uniformity of luminance is above 90% .the seed of viewer is matrix LED dot matrix board.
5.the viewer can be automatically on when insert the film and off when take away the film .
6.the light frequency is above 50KHz,effectively relieves the fatigue of vision .
7.adopt advance clamping film setting which suitable for different thickness of film .avoid the drawbacks of rolling film setting as film setting as film easily fall down and hard to lock.
8.with 8 digital grades to adjust brightness, the maximum brightness can reach to 6000cd/㎡and suitable to different density medical film .
9.ROHS:it’s no hurt for people ,and material of 95%can be recycled.
10.the wide power design which fir for the power of different areas ,the viewer work well within AC100-250V.
11.Ultra thin design and the power set inside the viewer .thickness is 2.5cmavaliable for desk and wall mounting, effective of space .