LG Digital X-Ray Detector

Increased Portability And Durability

Improved Design (Handle | 4-side chamfer) ” | Lightweight
LG Digital X-ray’s magnesium and carbon fibre design weighs a 3.7kg (17HQ701G). 3.2kg (14HQ701G) and features a rear-sided handle with sculpted handgrips and chamfers for added portability. With digital x-ray devices increasingly being used outside hospital imaging rooms for emergency situations, mobility and practicality have become key areas of focus for optimizing medical practioner workflows.

IP68: Water Resistant & Dust-Tight | Enhanced Load Weight

The LG Digital X-ray Detector is IP68 rated and therefore protected against harmful contaminants such as water, dust and humidity. Its Level 6 dust-tight rating means that the device is protected against the ingress of dust, while its Level 8 water resistance rating means that it can withstand submersion for up to 30 minutes”. Additionally, LG DXD with a-Si TFTs now come engineered with a 400kg load capacity and a 200kg point weight?

Simplified Workflow

Reduced Image Transfer Times | Extended Battery Life | Hot Swap | OLED Display LG Digital X-ray Detector delivers 1.5sec and 2secS) transfer speeds for wired connections and wireless connections, respec-tively, to significantly reduce patient waiting times and increase workflow efficiency. Its bright OLED display lets users monitor device status in real time and make necessary adjustments. It also IP Address. features 7.5 hours of battery life, which allows for up to 300 x-ray images on a single charge and can maintain up to a minute of power when swapping out batteries to ensure smooth image processing in emergency medical situations.