OLYMPUS110MF-W/B Multi-function Medical Film


OLYMPUS110MF-W/B Multi-function Medical Film

The parameters of the film:
1. The highest resolution: ≥9600dpi
2. The thickness of basement membrane: ≥150μm
3. The thickness of the film: ≥190μm
4. The maximum transmission density: ≥3.8D
5. The maximum reflection density: ≥2.4D


Production introduction:
Multifunctional medical film using optical MPET. Polyester film Which Treated by high Temperatureure heat styling as the base material, its material mechanical strength, stable Geometrical dimension, good pervious to light, environmental protection and no pollution, bmulti-layer coating production. Thinfilm front and opposite are coated with nanoscale water-soluble polymer waterproof color inkjet and laserjet images receive coating, printing medical image with highresolution, bright colors and rich layers, reflection density and transmission density is obvious superior to similar printing film, conducive to the doctor accurate diagnosis. Using waterbased formula does not contain silver halide, the harmful material such as chromogenic agent, is a perfect substitute for traditional silver halide film.

This film suitable for various medical image print output, the film can really reappearing after computer processing of all kinds of medical imaging, eliminating the traditional silver halide film fixing bath process, eliminate the flushing processing waste liquid pollution to the environment. This film is, tear resistance, high resolution, large density, tonal and lively, easy to use (without film viewer) etc.

Applicable Scope: all kinds of new medical imaging output such as CT, CR, DR, MRI, DSA,colour ultrasound, endoscopy, etc.
Applicable Printers: Inkjet printer, Laser printer

Product Features: 1. White opaque, inkjet blue translucent, laser blue translucent,has a hazy, soft, elegant effect.
2.The material is stiff, whiteness, smooth surface, easy to do all kinds of post processing.
3. Waterproof, tear resistance, is suitable for various occasions with strict requirements.
4. High temperature resistant and not deformation, suitable for high speed out-film.
5. Non-toxic environmental protection coating, does not produce any peculiar smell and harmful gas.
Commom Sizes: A3,A4,14”X17”,14”X14”,12”X15”,11”X14”,8”X10”,16K (Other special sizes can be customize)
Thickness: 0.12mm/0.15mm/0.19mm

Multi-functional medical film, compared with traditional film


Items Multi-functional Film

Traditional Film

Dry Film Paper Film
Environmental protection Easy to degrade
Pollution free
pollution, including
chromogenic agent
PE is not easy
to degrade
Scope of
CT/CR/DR/MR/Color ultrasound/
Imaging color color, black and
black and white Black and white
Black degree 2.1 1.9 1.9
Waterproof ≥10min ≥1min ≥1min
The color adhesion Level 1 Level 1 ≤level 1
Tensile ≥500N/cm ≥500N/cm ≤20N/cm
Siffness ≥36mN ≥36mN ≤25mN
Resolution ≥5760*1440dpi ≥1200*600dpi ≥1200*600dpi
Scratch Resistant Excellent Commom Bad
Film viewer No need Need No need
Storage Period ≥10years ≤1years ≤1years